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Have you ever known anyone who...

Feels like something is off? They grew up blessed. Not that nothing bad ever happened but they had all their needs met including a loving, supportive family. 

Yet, they still seem to be in and out of depression and anxiety. People-pleasing perfectionist is their middle name. They do what they need to and become who they think they need to be in order to be liked and accepted. They are not only not being themselves, but they don't even know who that is!

The overwhelming feelings of frustration, worry and defeat get stronger and won’t go away. Nothing seems to fix it. It usually feels like, Why is everything working against me? When, looking at life from the outside, certainly doesn't seem like anything is.

So, did you see yourself in that story? If so, I'm glad, because it means you're in the right place. However, the story was me. And I have good news for you, there's more to it...

With help from God directly and through other sources (therapists, community, etc.), I found tools and purpose. I built a toolbox and turned things around for the first time. I grew into a person I didn't even imagine I could be (the person God made me). No more anxiety meds, reduced mommy guilt and making the decisions that fulfill me are my priority. Are there still struggles and challenges? Yes! But I feel much more equipped to face them with the powerful tools I've collected.

That’s a freedom everyone deserves and I want to help whoever wants to learn that they’re worth the effort of filling their toolbox with the tools they need to be the person they were meant to be. You should be able to do whatever you dream up, no matter the obstacles and objections.

Want to join a community of ladies ready to overcome the day-to-day defeat of not being able to do it all? Contact me!

Live your life on purpose,
don't let it happen to you...

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