3 Tips to Reduce Holiday Stress!

Just to recap the video, the holidays add several other stressors we might not normally deal with the rest of the year. Interrupted routines, potentially poorer diet, impacts of working around plans and schedules of others, etc.
So, what do we do?
Well, I mentioned in the video most of this will be more impactful next year as it requires more ADVANCE PLANNING to get ahead of it. But, some of these tips could be helpful now or, at least, give you peace of mind knowing you are equipped to greatly lessen the trouble you might experience next year.
Where do we begin?
Let’s start with family…
1. Set boundaries! Easier said than done, right? Not if you PLAN AHEAD. Take some time (I know it’s limited but trust me, this is worth it) to anticipate the types of changes you will run into with friend and family holiday plans. Then, decide (in advance) your absolute will or will not dos and the ones you might be ok to budge on. Stick to it!

2. To go along with planning ahead, buy all year! As you see things, especially on sale, grab it then! Designate a bag/spot where you stash your gifts that you collect over the year. Just make sure you inventory it regularly (probably once per month) so that you don’t end up with 20 gifts for one person when you don’t mean to.

3. Here’s a big one, ready? Up your stress reduction methods! Meditate? Do it more. Exercise to reduce stress? Do it more. Be mindful of your diet and eating, even with the splurges that are around every corner this time of year. Healthy foods keep you balanced, focused and clear. Also, take on new or extra stress reduction methods to help. CBD, oils, more dedicated family/friend time, whatever. Just tell yourself now that it’s worth it and make it happen.
That’s all I have for now. I hope it is helpful and valuable for you. If you have any other tried and true items, share in the comments so others can benefit, too! Have the happiest of holidays!!

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