3 Tips to Having it ALL

3 Tips to Having it ALL

We all want to have it all, right? It’s the normal, natural, human way.

The care, house, job, family, social life, body, etc.

Well, I have some bad news for you… It’s not possible.

Yep, that’s right, someone had to say it. No one can have it all.

Simple as that.

BUT… there are things you can do to get you as close as possible! That’s encouraging news.

But, what are those things?

As the person with built in organization, planning and efficiency functions (not to mention my own lessons learned), I am here to tell you!

  1. Outsource what you can and systemize everything else! Sounds easy, right? Not necessarily. If it was, wouldn’t everyone be doing it? So, what do I mean by this? I mean if you have the means financially, outsource whatever you can, unless you love to do it. Cleaning, cooking, laundry, shopping, the list goes on. Outsource anything you can and if you can’t due to limited resources such as money or services in your area, set up a system. Cooking, for example, can be done in bulk. By creating a weekly meal plan, you save time not going to the store throughout the week and on your cooking time if it was prepped in advance over the weekend. Have the whole family take 1 hour each week and assign each person something to clean. The stuff that only needs to be done once a month makes it into the rotation and each person only lost 1 hour instead of 1 or 2 people losing 2-4 hours or more.
  2. Don’t underestimate doing things bi-weekly or monthly. If you have a hobby or something else you love to do that fills you up and you want to do it at least weekly but don’t have the time or other resources to make it happen, try to set it up bi-weekly or monthly. Don’t ignore it completely because then you are miserable without it in your life and everyone around you suffers, too. They love you and want you to be happy and bi-weekly or monthly should be completely manageable in most cases. While it’s not as often as you might like, it’s better than nothing, so don’t underestimate it. Take advantage of it!
  3. Remember that life has seasons. Do all of these things sound great but you work extra jobs to get out of debt and have tiny kids that not only can’t help you they can’t even help themselves? It’s a season!! Embrace it because while you not only won’t be able to get close to everything you want, you probably won’t even hit a fraction of it right now, there are things you will miss about it when it’s gone. Know that you have time in the later seasons to make up for what you are missing out on now.
I hope that was helpful and encouraging! Please be sure to contact me at contact@saragarnett.com if you want to set up a call to see if there’s anything I can do to help make all this easier for you! 

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Five 10-minute things to do each day to increase success

Five 10-minute things to do each day to increase success

Did you know you can make major steps forward with only 10 minutes a day?
Here's 5 ways how you can do that:
  1. Brain dump. Take whatever outlet you need and just write/type out whatever's on your mind. This is something I need to make sure I’m doing more consistently. It is great with sorting thoughts and allowing new ones in.
  2. Meditation. Now that you have a clear mind, spend 10 minutes in that space. It is also helpful with letting your mind receive the answers you need. Let the answers come to you instead of racking your brain trying to find them yourself.
  3. Exercise. Just for 10 minutes. And, I was recently introduced to rebounding which can be exercise with the right intensity, but it supports the optimal function of the body. I’m all about supporting my body as best I can.
  4. Read/learn. For just 10 minutes. A chapter. Something, anything, that takes you closer to what you want to achieve.
  5. Plan the next day. Take just 10 minutes to plan out tomorrow. This will ensure you are in charge of it, instead of it just happening to you.
And, BONUS, how to plan out the next day. 3 steps to prioritizing.:
  1. Make sure you pick your tasks based on your goals and what you’re trying to achieve. What will get you closer to what you are going for?
  2. Consider regrets. What will you regret if you do something specific? More importantly, what will you regret if you don’t do it?
  3. Finally, what’s quickest and easiest? As long as you checked the other boxes, figure out how which others are quickest and easiest to do. Allow yourself the satisfaction of checking off however many you can.
How about you? I want to hear from you, let me know in the comments what you make sure you do each and every day to make your life what you want it to be.

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How to Meet Your Weight Loss Goal Next Year!

How to Meet Your Weight Loss Goal Next Year!

Why am I qualified to talk to you about succeeding in weight loss when I gained back the only 10 pounds I lost last year? I’m not. 🤦‍♀️

BUT… I had some learnings that might be valuable and, if you are just starting this journey (have never attempted before), there might be helpful tips here for you. 😁

It just takes 10 minutes, why not? Be sure to stock up on some work-out shirts in the Shop then reward yourself with others when you meet your goal. 😆

Now, let’s do this!!

  1. Make sure you have accountability! You will have 80%+ more success if you are accountable. Think about it, do you really want to tell your person you fell off the wagon week after week after week? No way! You’ll look like a slacker. Unless you are one and don’t care, you’ll want to one-up your partner and report weekly at how awesome you did at keeping your tasks. Use this innate, natural human urge to your advantage.

If you can’t find someone, I’ll do it for free (since I need someone for myself, anyway)! Just reach out and let me know.

  1. Find what works for you. Most of these diets are yo-yo because you can’t stick with it. If you watched the above video, you know what happened with my awesome (and working) meal plan I followed last year. Don’t let that happen to you. It’s ok if you start small and build up! Progress is progress and adds up over time. But it goes nowhere if you can’t sustain it. You will have more and lasting success long-term if you take one small step at a time and keep building on it for the long haul than if you try to overhaul everything all at once.

  1. Find the real reason why. This is something I struggle with and need to get better at the process of. Make sure you’re asking several layers of why. 

For example: You say, “I want to lose 20 pounds.” Why? “So I can fit better in my clothes.” Why? “Because I don’t want the money I spent on them to go to waste.” Why? “Because money is tight and I want to get the most value out of everything I purchase.” Why? “So I can have more to give to others that are more needy than me.” There it is! You want to lose weight so that you can have more to give to the needy. 

Not always exactly a science and how it turns out but you get the picture. Challenge your narrative and get to the real root. If you don’t like it (such as, you find it to be a vanity thing for you), now you can go work on that deeper root issue and come back to this again later.

Hope this was helpful for you. Now, go crush your weight-loss goals! 🥳🎉

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