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So happy to see you here!! I created this section because I have been blessed with natural talents and abilities that I see others struggle with regularly and I don't believe in hoarding my skills but sharing them so everyone can benefit. I also am working to earn additional income to support building my ministry. 

Below you will find a chart with what I can help support with, how/why I'm qualified to support, who would benefit and what benefits they would see. If anything sounds like it would be helpful to you, please scroll to the button to contact me and see if I am a fit for you. I look forward to connecting!!

What Areas of Life I can Support
Why I am Qualified to Support
Who Would Benefit from the Support
What Benefits they Would Receive
Personal Development
I am certified to coach Oola's framework in personal development.
Anyone that is ready to live balanced in the top areas of life and tell their life what they want it to do instead of just letting it happen to them.

Those who have gone through the program have paid off debts, lost weight, improved their relationships and many other things. The program has personally helped me find my true value which has by default improved every area of my life.
Personal Finance
I am certified to coach Oola's Green Gap program in personal finance. I have always been naturally gifted in managing my finances but even learned additional skills to do even better with the Green Gap.
Anyone struggling with managing their day-to-day finances (not for those looking for advanced support on investing and growing wealth).

Learn how to set and follow a budget, bring in more and spend less, allocate the difference and create emergency funds.

Resume/Job Search
I have been in recruiting for 7 years in both corporate and agency, high volume/low skill to skilled trades. I know what the recruiters of the world are looking for and how to get to them.

Anyone looking to further their professional career with a new position, dream job or ideal company. Also someone looking for roles that would offer more personal flexibility such as remote.
A resume that allows recruiters to easily determine your fit for their positions. Best places to search, apply and network.
I am naturally a planner and organizer. I have Christmas presents bought and wrapped by Thanksgiving each year and birthday invites for my kid's parties out to the parents 2+ weeks prior to the party date with no stress involved. Days flow like well-oiled machines.
The person that is disorganized, stressed, doesn't know how to plan/look ahead, frazzled, late, etc.

Tools to use to structure and organize what's going on in a way that allows more freedom and less stress.

Essentially... I can help you adult better (if that's something you struggle with)

Text me your name and what you need most to 423-373-2262 to see if it's the right fit for us to work together.

I'm excited to announce that I have a course available now!

LinkedIn 101 Course!
This course is for those who want to use LinkedIn for job seeking or business promotion purposes but has never used it before. This will NOT offer information or details on how to promote yourself, deep networking strategies, outreach to connections, etc.

What will you get?
-Explanation of the benefits of using LinkedIn
-Detailed step-by-step instructions for how to sign up, set up your profile, posting, connecting and setting notifications
-Ways to maximize your profile, search, do's and don'ts of LinkedIn, tips and tricks, and more!

What they're saying:

I'm excited to announce that I have several workshops coming soon to help you!
Click below if you want to be added to the list and make sure you don't miss when the ones you're interested in come out if not currently available.
Journal Creation Workshop - coming soon
* Personal Development Workshop - coming soon
* Birthday Party Planning Guide (with optional added bonus section for doing it on a budget) - coming soon
Journal Creation Workshop!
This workshop is for those who want to be able to create their own journals, planners, coloring books or even actual book!

What will you get?
-Actual step-by-step walkthrough of creating a journal
-Principles can be used to create anything that you want to upload to Amazon to be able to purchase for personal use or sell
-Learn how to use Canva to create a printable (or digital) book of any type

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