Are Your Team Members Living The Lives They Were Meant To?

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So happy to see you here!! I created this page because I know the struggle companies face with attracting and retaining their talent. I also know the difference personal development makes in all areas of life, including work. Wouldn't you like the to have a team living their full potential and giving their all for your business each and every day? 

Below you will find a chart with what I can help support with, how/why I'm qualified to support, who would benefit and what benefits they would see. If anything sounds like it would be helpful to you, please scroll to the bottom and reach out via the contact info located there to see if I am a fit for you. I look forward to connecting!!

Services I can Offer your company
Why I am Qualified to Support
Who Would Benefit from the Support
What Benefits they Would Receive
Speaking at Events

Gave a 1 hour presentation at the 2022 Tennessee State SHRM conference

Anyone looking for a speaker that can cause reflection on whether your audience is living life by default or by design
The audience would learn if they are living life intentionally and, if not, the first steps to living the life they were meant to

Workshops/Lunch and Learns

I have given workshops that allow more in-depth exploration as to the group's real desires and how to achieve them
Anyone that wants to make real changes to living life more intentionally
Step by step instructions as to how to design the life they want to live and actionable steps to start improving the areas they struggle in the most
Individual or Team Coaching

I have walked clients through different levels of programs to provide accountability for the results they want to receive
Anyone that needs additional support or accountability to stay on track and see long-lasting results
Weekly coaching calls to talk through the struggles and challenges, help adjust goals or action steps as needed to receive the results they are looking for faster
Individual/Customized Automatic Program 
I have witnessed many met goals, including my own, when following the digital platform
Those that are not in a position for 1:1 personalized coaching but want the system and accountability to move forward
A customized system that allows for independence but still allows the accountability needed to move toward their goals

Let's connect to see if it's the right fit for us to work together. I would love to provide your teams the same experience that Natalie had.

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