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My Journals/Planners
These journals are perfect for gratitude, prayer, brain dumping or just somewhere to write something you need.  Let It Out has inspiring Bible verses every several pages so you can't go wrong! For the Love of Horses and Write it Out are blank inside so perfect for whatever your need is. The planner tracks your action steps and personal activities for each day to move you forward and achieve your goals. Grab them now!  

Find "Let it Out"  HERE
Find "For the Love of Horses"  HERE
Find "Write it Out"  HERE
Find "Daily Life Planner" HERE
Find "Daily Life Planner"-Hardcover HERE

Find "Jot It Down!" HERE
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Health Resources
In case you tried things and they haven't helped, here's what I use...
My Healthy Eating Plan
Most realistic plan, ever. This is the plan I follow to not deprive myself but know I'm still making good choices for my body every day. You can, too!

Find the Trim Healthy Mama HERE

My Workout Crew
You know how life is more fun with other people? Well, so is working out. FiA is a great, fun way to workout and enjoy community, for FREE. What are you waiting for?!

Find a FiA group near you

My Daily Sanity
Taken as a vitamin, I can tell if I miss it. I'm much less grumpy and much more pleasant, less worrisome, and overall more pleasant and joyful. 
My favorite essential oil, it's known as the "brave" oil. I feel much calmer when getting ready to do something that makes me nervous. I also rub it on my jaw and base of my neck when I've been more tense than usual. It also just smells absolutely AMAZING!

Find the Daily Sanity HERE

Find Valor HERE

Faith-based fitness program

Looking for a faith-based way to burn some calories? Look no further! Keola is the best way to use your body to worship the Lord (as was intended) and get fit in the process. What better way to give gratitude to our maker!

Find both FREE and paid workouts HERE

Personal/For You
These are what make my life fun and
Isn't it fun to be standing in the grocery checkout and start a conversation/share what you're about because they looked at your shirt/hat/etc. and said "what is an oola?" Well, now you can!  

All Oola products here!

Shower Diffuser! 
Haven't you ever wanted a bathroom that made you feel like you were at the spa? Now, you can. This diffuser is quiet but powerful.  I love, love, love rosemary and eucalyptus in this together. Makes me feel like I'm showering in a waterfall.

All Oasis products here (and 10% off)!

My Schedule Organization
This is how my family functions together. When we need to coordinate the kids in different activates or when I have functions and my husband needs to run things for me. It can be erased as things change and used over and over so we don't waste paper. It's in a central spot that we past all the time.

Get synchronized here!

My Life Organization
This is how I survive every day. It is my appointments and tasks with reminders that I can snooze. The widget on my phone screen makes it so simple to add a reminder for myself as soon as I think of it.

Get organized here!

These are must reads for developing a strong marriage!
Book for Christian Wives
This book is great for those looking to determine if their marriages are disappointing or actually destructive. A must read for any Christian wife struggling heavily in her marriage and feeling lost.

Get it HERE

Book that Supports Big Moves to Make Changes
This book is great for those having trouble understanding that sometimes  tough boundaries are necessary and that they are loving. It reminds us that we don't allow our children to do harm out of love for them. Sometimes, adult relationships need the same care.

Get it HERE

What we use for peaceful families!

Our YouTube Channel  Our family is attempting to develop a mini-farm! As city people, it's pretty funny. ;) Check it out HERE!
Devotion App for Kids!
I love the app. We go in daily, usually at a mealtime, and have a kid friendly Bible verse and lesson. Great discussions and way to make God center of the family.

Keys for Kids is here!

Games Where you Win as a Team
Tired of the meltdowns when the older sibling always wins at Candy Land? Problem solved! They beat the "game" by taking turns and making games decisions as a team. They don't play against each other. Brilliant!! (There are several by Peaceable Kingdom, check them out)

Get it HERE

My Meditation App
I'm super efficient and always looking for ways to kill 2 birds with one stone. Insert Abide! I can do some anxiety reducing meditation and be calmed by a Word from God at the same time.

Find Abide HERE

Saved from taxes! 
Want to save money and kick tax time in the rear? Check for the services that apply most to you below and *WIN* at taxing!  

EBOOK - More Relaxing Less Taxing here!




MEMBERSHIP - Hurdlr Enhanced HERE!


Tax Strategy Session HERE!

ONLINE TRAINING - More Relaxing Less Taxing Online Training HERE!



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